Hunter Hayes’ Encore

Hunter Hayes is one of Country’s most popular young artists. He recently released his second album, (ENCORE). Hunter had much success with his debut, self titled album, so much so that he decided to re-release many of the songs from it. While most of the songs are the same, Hunter added a new spin to a couple of them by making them duets with some friends. Hunter also indulged us as he included 5 new cuts.

The first few songs on (ENCORE) are the songs that made fans go crazy for for him, such as “Storm Warning”, “Wanted” and “Somebody’s Heartbreak”. As the album progresses, we hear some fun duets! Hunter brought in pop sensation Jason Mraz to sing on “Everybody’s Got Somebody But Me”. The next track, “What You Gonna Do” features Ashley Monroe and is a haunting duet that showcases both of their unique vocal abilities and harmonies.

Perhaps one of the most exciting and anticipated aspects of Hunter’s new album is the 5 new songs! First up we hear “In A Song”, which Hunter co-wrote with Sam Ellis. This is a perfect example of art imitating life, as Hunter explores finding himself through songwriting. The next track is the fun and catchy “I Want Crazy”, which is already a huge smash at radio and with fans for Hunter. “A Thing About You” is another fun, upbeat song that is sure to have his fans singing along to every word. Closing out the album is “Better Than This” which Hunter co-wrote with Lady Antebellum’s Charles Kelley and Dave Haywood. Lastly, “Light Me Up”! is sure to be a fan favorite, full of energy and a must play on his live concert set list!

Hunter Hayes’ newest album is filled with fun, upbeat songs, as well as emotion filled ballads. Hunter always delivers new music while staying true to the classic sound that has made him one of today’s hottest stars. This latest release, (ENCORE), is sure to please “Hayniacs” everywhere!