The Civil Wars

The Civil Wars have made headlines since the beginning of their career as a duo. This band has achieved everything from huge success from their first studio album, Barton Hollow, to winning Grammy’s, to recording music with Taylor Swift. In the midst of Joy Williams and John Paul White’s major success, it has all been called to a halt as the band announces a hiatus. The reason was for “internal discord and irreconcilable differences of ambition.” Though the future of this duo is yet to be determined, they have released a new album that displays all the emotion and raw talent that has made them a fan favorite.

Starting out The Civil War’s self-titled album is the haunting and very bold song “The One That Got Away”, this song portrays the realness of wishing you had never met someone. Joy Williams leads the vocal in a powerhouse manner as only she can. Up next we have “I Had Me a Girl” which has the folky sound that John Paul and Joy deliver so effortlessly.

The Civil Wars are often known for their beautiful, yet emotional ballads. This album did not disappoint in delivering those! “Same Old Same Old” and “Dust to Dust” are breathtakingly beautiful and at the same time delivers a realness that people can relate to. The harmonies that Joy and John Paul’s voices create meld the two into one and are unlike anything else in the industry today.

This album does not lack variety in the least. “From This Valley” and “Oh Henry” are more on the upbeat side of the tracks on the album and display the unique vocal ability of this duo. Song after song, The Civil Wars have given the fans exactly what they have been wanting, and more.

Although the future of The Civil Wars is undetermined, it’s no surprise that out of the chaos of the duo, they have yet again created a piece of work that is sure to not disappoint. We can only imagine what is to come for these two talented individuals. This album is a must have for your collection. You won’t regret it!