5 Reasons We Love Luke Bryan

Today is a very special day… It’s Luke Bryan’s Birthday! Luke Bryan is one of the biggest names in music today. He is loved by many, and it’s not hard to see why. In honor of Country Music’s reigning Entertainer of the Year, we thought we would do the top 5 reasons that we love Luke Bryan!

5His Signature Dance Moves

I mean, can you think of Luke Bryan and not think of his dancing skills? That’s what we thought… He sure knows how to get the crowed pumped and make his shows high energy!

4His Humor

Luke Bryan not only has the moves, but he also has the humor and the constant ability to make you smile. I mean, have you seen him co-host the ACM Award’s with Blake Shelton? Talk about a “bromance”…

3His Party Anthems

Luke Bryan has some of the greatest country party anthems. “Country Girl (Shake It For Me)”, “That’s My Kind Of Night” and most recently “Kick The Dust Up”. Be honest, just thinking about them makes you want to dance…

2His Heart

While Luke Bryan does a fantastic job at being high energy and singing catchy songs you want to dance along to, he is equally amazing as showing his softer side. Through the face of tragedy in recent years, Luke has remained strong, humble and sincere. These attributes shine through in his songs and makes us love him even more.

1His Love for Fans

Obviously the thing we love most about Luke is how he loves HIS fans! It’s evident in every area of this career that he cares so much about the people that support him. Whether that be bringing fans up on stage, meet and greets, fan club parties, or even just sending a tweet to a fan, you can tell he genuinely loves them.

Happy Birthday Luke, we love ya!