Alan Jackson was the first artist to kick off the nightly performances at LP Field for CMA Fest 2015.

During the nightly press conference, Alan answered a few questions. When asked if he would be coming back to see any other artists during the week, he quipped, “I wont be coming back this week”, with a grin “I mean, I’ll stick around tonight and listen, after I’m through, but that will be it. Jackson continued to share that his daughters attend every night, “Not to see me, they are here for everyone else”, as he chuckles.

The questions then turned to his new project releasing on July 17th, Angels & Alcohol. As on previous projects, Jackson wrote several of the songs on this, his 21st studio album, if you count his Christian & Christmas releases. Someone asked what’s with the title? Jackson simply replied “Denise”, his wife, “is the Angel, and I am the Alcohol” as he laughed. He continued that it wasn’t something that came from a place of reflection, it wasn’t deep or dark, just one of his favorites.

Jackson was asked about his experience working with Steven Tyler on the video clip used in this year’s CMT Awards. Jackson said he had never worked with Tyler before, but had met Tyler many years ago at a concert he had in Boston. Tyler came out to see Jackson in concert and brought his daughters, as they were big Alan Jackson fans apparently.

When asked what it was like to actually work with Tyler on something, Jackson replied, “Surprising, he is a very genuine guy.” Jackson continued about Tyler’s vocal abilities and songwriting skills, but reiterated that he was most impressed with how nice, sincere and genuine Steven Tyler is.

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