Our Top 5 Patriotic Country Songs!

In celebration of the 4th of July, we decided that we would countdown our top 5 Favorite Patriotic songs! Check out the list and let us know what your favorite patriotic song is!

5. Only In America – Brooks & Dunn

I mean, the title itself tells the story. Brooks & Dunn have such a special way of portraying all the great things that happen Only in America

Favorite line: Yeah only in America. Where we dream in red, white and blue. Yeah we dream as big as we want to.

4. American Soldier – Toby Keith

It’s no secret that Toby Keith is a major supporter and advocate for all of our brave military men and woman. American Soldier is a powerful song that pays tribute to those who risk their lives for us on a daily basis.

Favorite line: I will always do my duty, no matter what the price. I’ve counted up the cost, I know the sacrifice. Oh, and I don’t want to die for you, But if dying’s asked of me,
I’ll bear that cross with honor, ‘Cause freedom don’t come free…

3. Some Gave All – Billy Ray Cyrus

Our list wouldn’t be complete with a little Billy Ray Cyrus! This song is a great reminder that we should always remember the sacrifice others have made on our behalf.

Favorite line: All gave some and some gave all and some stood through for the red, white and blue. Some had to fall, and if you ever think of me think of all your liberties and recall…Some gave all.

2. Where The Stars and Stripes and Eagle Fly – Aaron Tippin

This song is a love song to America. Aaron Tippin has always been very vocal about his love for America and his support of our military men and woman. This song is an anthem to being proud citizens of USA!

Favorite line: I pledge allegiance to this flag, and if that bothers you well that’s too bad.
But if you got pride and you’re proud you do, Hey we could use some more like me and you.
Where the stars and stripes and the eagle fly…

1. God Bless The USA – Lee Greenwood

This is perhaps the most iconic and famous patriotic song of all time. From the first verse to the very last, it paints a picture of all the things that make America so beautiful and special. This powerful song has become a staple in our great country.

Favorite line: I’m proud to be an American where at least I know I’m free. And I won’t forget the men who died, who gave that right to me and I’d gladly stand up next to you and defend her still today. ‘Cause there ain’t no doubt I love this land… God bless the USA!

Have a happy and safe 4th of July!!