‘The Blade’ by Ashley Monroe

Ashley Monroe is back! Now, we all knew that it would take a lot to live up to the greatness that was her last album, Like A Rose. Well, Ashley Monroe never disappoints. Her new album, The Blade, which released on July 24th, is another masterpiece.

First up on the album is “On To Something Good”, which is also the first single from this album. The song is upbeat, fun and at times, it seems reminiscent of that classic Dolly Parton sound mixed with the unique and incomparable voice of Ashley Monroe. It really sets the tone of what is to come from the rest of the album!

Next up is the dramatic and sultry “Buried Your Love Alive” and the powerful ballad “Bombshell”. In these two songs we see a edgy and brutally honest side about love and loss. In both of these cuts, no pun intended, Ashley showcases a sincere power in her voice.

The title track of the album “The Blade” is perhaps one of the most powerful songs that Ashley has ever recorded. It’s a haunting melody and is filled with emotion. The unique mix of powerful lyrics and the cry of Ashley’s voice is a match made in heaven. It’s almost impossible to listen to this song and not feel the hurt of a relationship gone wrong.

“Winning Streak” is a clever and upbeat song that showcases Ashley’s unique sense of humor that she so frequently shows in her songs. Perhaps one of the most clever lines in this song is “If losing’s a game, I’m on a winning streak…”

Ashley slows things down on “Has Anybody Ever Told You”. I think that this song is sure to be one of the fan favorites. It displays that unique country style that Ashley demonstrates so effortlessly. Another standout on the album is “If The Devil Don’t Want Me”. The clever lyrics play into that classic country melody that drives the song. You’re going to want to hear this song over and over again.

The other songs on the album such as “From Time To Time”, “If Love Was Fair”, “Dixie” and “Mayflowers” add such a character to this album. The final song, “I’m Good At Leavin’” is a classic Ashley Monroe song. It’s a no nonsense anthem like only Ashley can do.

What’s so special about Ashley Monroe is that it’s not just her distinct voice that sets her apart in the country music industry. It’s also her ability to incorporate the sounds of classic country with her own distinct style. Even more important, her music is incredibly genuine. Congratulations Ashley on another amazing record!

Trust us, you should definitely go this this album.