5 Reasons Brad Paisley and Carrie Underwood Make The Best Hosts

Who doesn’t love a good award show? Especially a Country Music award show?! That’s what we thought. Well, some would argue that the award show is only as good as the host(s). We believe that there is some truth to that. Throughout the years, we have seen many hosts come and go on the various award shows. Years ago, Brad Paisley and Carrie Underwood were first asked to host the CMA Awards. Little did they know that they would become one of the most popular hosting duos not only in country music, but also in all genres of music.

The two together bring something that can’t be duplicated by anyone else. You can tell that they are true friends, and they love country music. Plus, they are quick on their feet and absolutely hilarious. Pretty much anyone in the audience is fair game. Although, they have boundaries and wouldn’t say anything that would hurt too much.

Brad Paisley and Carrie Underwood will return on November 4th to host their 8th CMA Awards LIVE on ABC. Because of this, we decided to share our “Top 5 Reasons Brad Paisley and Carrie Underwood Make the Best Hosts”.

5. The Outfit Changes

What would an award show be the infamous wardrobe changes? Did you know that Carrie Underwood had TEN outfit changes at the 2014 CMA Awards? Each gown was stunning and Carrie looked beautiful…Brad didn’t look too bad either. You could say we are “Blown Away” by their costume changes…

4. The Opening Monologue

The opening monologue at award shows is always highly looked forward to. Brad and Carrie have such a distinct style in everything they do, and this is no exception. Their opening monologue usually includes jokes, a few little jabs at their friends, and of course, a song. Believe us, it’s always extremely entertaining.

3. Their Witty Banter

Throughout the award show, Brad and Carrie like to poke fun at each other. They go back in forth in a way that a brother and sister would. Their quick and clever banter keeps the award show going.

2. Their Respect Towards Others

While it’s their job as hosts to entertain not only the television audience but also their fellow attendees and artists, they are always careful not to go too far. They have respect and love towards their fellow artists, and they never cross a line in order to make a joke by defaming someone else.

1.Their Genuine Friendship

You can tell that Brad and Carrie genuinely love each other. That’s what makes them duo so loveable! You can tell that they can trust each other, and that’s why they are so comfortable together. They know that the other person has their back no matter what. Example: Brad Paisley was the one to break the news about the gender of Carrie Underwood’s baby on LIVE television. #BFFs

Make sure y’all tune into the CMA Awards, November 4th on ABC! More information can be found at www.cmaworld.com/cma-awards/