6 Reasons We Love Keith Urban!


Keith Urban came on the Country Music scene in the early 1990’s and it hasn’t been the same since! Originally from New Zealand, Keith Urban has become one of Nashville’s & Country Music’s most beloved artists. Let’s be honest, what’s not to love?! In honor of his birthday, here are our top 6 reasons we love Keith Urban!

6. His “Sweet” Guitar Skills

Keith Urban is skilled in many areas, one just so happens to be that he is a extremely talented guitar player! If you ever see him in concert (which you totally should…), he is sure to have many guitar solos throughout the show. But after all, what’s a country concert without a little jam session?!

5. His Family

Keith Urban has achieved so much success throughout his career, but the one success that he always says is his greatest blessing is his family. Did we mention that his wife is Nicole Kidman? These two are a shining example of family and love in an industry where it commonly gets overlooked. Plus, their two little girls are kind of adorable.

4. America’s Judge

For the past few seasons, Keith Urban has been a judge on the hit show “American Idol”. This is a really big deal for the country music industry, as we have an artist that is able to represent our genre to the world. Most recently, he has been joined on the judging panel with Harry Connick Jr. and Jennifer Lopez. The chemistry between the three of them is undeniable. Keith is honest with contestants and genuinely cares about them and their success.

3. His Country Friends

It has become quite obvious that Keith Urban loves a good collaboration. Don’t we all?! Throughout his career, Keith has recorded hit after hit with some of his closest friends in Country Music. These include Miranda Lambert, Brad Paisley, and Eric Church just to name a few. Keep ‘em coming, Keith!

2. His Love and Respect for Country Music

Keith often talks about his love and respect for country music and all of the artists that came before him. Because of this love, each year Keith does benefit concerts in order to aid the Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum. Titled “All For The Hall”, Keith Urban and Vince Gill call their friends from all over the world to come to Nashville and play for a sold out show. The amount of money that has been raised over the years is having a significant impact on the country music industry not only in the present but also preserving it for the future.

1. His Love For His Fans

There are some artists that go above and beyond the call of duty for their fans. Keith Urban is one of those artists. It is evident in everything that he does, he is always humble and grateful for his fans and supporters. Whether that may be stopping on the street to take a selfie with a fan, chatting on twitter, or standing out in the rain to meet fans as they wait for him, he never forgets where he came from and the love and support that the country music industry gives him.

We love ya, Keith! Happy Birthday.


  1. I love this man. You named 6 wonderful things about Keith so perfectly. He is so awesome and at times I feel the country music world and radio do not appreciate Keith as he should be. Hope Keith had a wonderful birthday with his family!! Great job Ms. Hall.