“Wasted Time” by Keith Urban

The third single from Keith Urban’s latest album Ripcord, “Wasted Time”, launches us into Summer with the nostalgic memories of our youth. That fast-paced song was co-written by Urban, Greg Wells, and JJ Hart.

The music video features Urban throwing a Summertime party as he reminisces on past memories and listening to Guns N’ Roses, “When I think about those summer nights, Singing out the window, on the back roads, ‘Sweet Child of Mine’, Sipping on the local’s spark of light, Ain’t it funny how the best days of my life, Was all that wasted time, all that wasted time.”

As the song continues to climb Country charts everywhere, you can bet “Wasted Time” by Keith Urban will be on everyone’s Summer Country Soundtrack.

“Wasted Time” Music Video